Cloud Chameleon

by Alec Prorock

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released February 14, 2016

Composed, Performed,
Recorded, and Produced by:
Alec Prorock

Recorded, Mixed & Mastered at:
The Vibe Recording Studio
Engineer: Frank Gillis
Album Artwork by: Aria Ramirez & Andy Howl
Single Artwork by: Joe Lopez


all rights reserved



Alec Prorock Fort Myers, Florida

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Track Name: Vivian Tilana
I wanna run off somewhere new
It's just this thought, and it's all I want to do..
Maybe you do too..

Lately as it seems,
I've been living life like a dream
I don't know what I really mean
When I wake up and bleed,
Everything I need..

Oh, I know..
That life's a game we play
With time that's gone away

My hand's are the painters brush;
Your body my canvas.
I'm pressed between skin that's so lush, you sink me like Atlantis and inspire my very madness.
I know what i'll say, and i'm sure i'll be candid; take time to spit back and leave it so branded..
So what will you say this time with your feelings so erratic?
You leave this heart static, and wanting more, girl.

There's a sparrow outside my window, and I but narrowly missed the rain..
You're looking for that good ending, that good feeling.. and I merrily worked away
What are you running from, with no one else above?
Put on your wings i'll make you fly, my pretty dove
Track Name: Take A Deep Breath
And I know you, you want it all..
So, take a deep breath and sink into..
Your own place where thoughts subside
A quiet stream, a state of mind
Track Name: Galina Yellow feat. Denny Agosto
Sure, I can make believe
Amorous and provocative..
Incomparable, in the most thoughtful of reasons
Sure, I can make believe
I'll let it go and i'll let it breathe
These are my only dreams..

Oh, Galina Yellow..
Making me feel so blue..
Was it real? It seems you feign words and I mix and match
Galina Yellow, you make me feel so..
I'll be sound and positive,
Galina Yellow

The secrets in your pockets have fallen on the ground
I gathered up enough to recover every sound
I'm not afraid to keep them and move while holding on
Whatever you are saying, i'm hearing as a song..
I've learned to know the Music with every sense I have
Return to you the silence, the rest you needed back..
Track Name: LoveBloom
If I could make believe in anything..
Oh, you reap what you sow, spread love around
If I start over now..
Oh, you reap what you sow, spread love around
In these new beginning, I wanna find you too and make my circle completely true

Would you let me bloom you into love?
Lovebloom, it's all I have to give..

Son, every test is a stepping stone
Which every man must face alone
Let love's fire temper you, and give you something to hold onto..
Track Name: Neo, Green
You live in your body now
On rooftops the crown of youth surrounds
You were our inspiration, you were our sound..
Track Name: Your Own Dance Floor
Won't you live your life as if you own your dance floor?

We're heavy in the disco water tonight, just dance with me

Leave it all behind, and dance with me..
Track Name: Say What You Say
Well, won't you mean what you say or atleast say what you feel?
I'm trying to trace back the cause, a timeline, a real-life film reel
Oh, I've heard it all and i'm sure you can fake it all
But now i'm moving on..

So, say what you're gonna say
It doesn't matter anyway
And all I want is you, too bad we broke in two
And now i'm moving on..

Well, won't you mean what you say or atleast say what you feel?
Oh, you can shift the blame and i'll still remain the strongest of us both
We we're close and in line
We could've melted in time
We'd be the strongest when you were mine
We we're so near it girl
Now we need to leave it girl
So now i'm moving on..
Track Name: A New Leaf / Lyonia
It's like we always knew, when we turned this new leaf..
It's like we never knew, when we turned this new leaf..

Oh, there'd be brighter days
(Where you wanna be tonight, if memory serves me right..)
And a chance to change all my ways
(Oh, it feels, I know it feels..)
Track Name: Good Knees
You say you see me now, and you've been searching for
Oh, you'll be running back and i'll be running forward
You say you need me now, and you've searching for
Oh, you'll be running back and i'll be running forward..

No, I won't be coming down
I have my own center of gravity
A key to my very own red and blue sea
Bless me,
And let these good knees work..
Track Name: Everything is Beautiful
You'll never know the way it goes, just be you.
Everything is Beautiful, it's true..

You'll never know the way it goes,
Everything is Beautiful, you know..

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